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Spiny Lobster

A Local Seafood Hotspot!

The Spiny Lobster stands as your local seafood haven, where the team delights in sharing their passion for food with like-minded individuals. Nestled on Whiteladies Road for the past 18 years, the restaurant and fishmonger have garnered a dedicated local following and drawn visitors from near and far to Bristol and Clifton alike.

At The Spiny Lobster, they boast a diverse daily menu tailored for seafood and meat enthusiasts alike. Their specialty lies in cooking over the open flame of their Josper grill, infusing their dishes with a unique flavour profile. With temperatures soaring over 350 degrees on charcoal, their seal in the freshness and essence of the fish, delivering an unforgettable culinary experience.

Fancy indulging in a classic pairing of Champagne and Oysters? Look no further than The Spiny Lobster who will be serving fresh oysters and champagne throughout the weekend!





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