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Creative Italian Inspired Dishes

Located on Chandos Road in Bristol, Snobbys is a charming restaurant and wine bar offering relaxed Italian-inspired dining in a casual atmosphere. Specialising in pasta and small plates, this establishment has a rich history, once under the ownership of the renowned Keith Floyd. With an extensive wine selection that rivals no other!

In 2019, Snobby’s made its debut, just before the onset of the first lockdown. Owner Nick Bethell, inspired by his father’s legacy in the drinks and hospitality industry, harboured a lifelong ambition to open a wine bar. After a decade of industry experience, Nick’s dream became a reality. Alongside his wife Alice, an interior design virtuoso, they meticulously transformed the former No Man’s Grace into an inviting restaurant and wine bar, brimming with comfort and charm. Notably, Nick's artistic flair extends beyond hospitality—every painting adorning the restaurant walls is his own creation.

At the helm of the all-Italian (Sicilian and sometimes Sardinian) kitchen team is Gianpiero Mugnano, a culinary aficionado with extensive expertise. With creative licence over the menu, Gianpiero showcases his passion for seasonal, fresh produce with influences ranging from Sicily to Sardinia, and nods to culinary traditions from Japan and Spain.

We eagerly anticipate savouring the culinary delights crafted by Snobby’s talented team at Feast on!





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