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Exemplary in Sourdough Pizza!

In 2013, as the craving for sourdough surged, it aligned perfectly with their passion for pizza. Cruising Somerset's roads in a Land Rover equipped with a mobile pizza oven, Pizzarova delighted family, friends, and festival crowds with their handcrafted sourdough pies. Naturally, the moniker "Pizzarova" emerged from this flavourful journey.

Emboldened by the burgeoning support from their local Pizza Lovers community, they ventured to establish their first permanent shop in Bristol, swiftly followed by a couple more—made feasible by their exceptional team, whom they consider their greatest triumph.

Their sourdough undergoes a slow fermentation process, nurtured by a starter that's been cultivated for over 70 years, resulting in a uniquely delicious flavour and the perfect crust. Crafted fresh daily from just water, flour, and salt—no yeast needed.

Throughout their evolution, they've remained steadfast in providing what you love most—mood-boosting, grab-and-go grub. Pizzarova continues to collaborate with Somerset's finest suppliers, staying true to their roots as a no-frills, knife-and-fork-free establishment.

We can't wait to grab a "slice"!





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