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Sri Lankan and Tamil Delicacies

Nadu presents a culinary journey celebrating authentic flavours, led by head chef and co-owner Saravanan Nambirajan. With a focus on local ingredients and traditional Tamil techniques, Nadu's cuisine embodies the essence of the land (Nadu translates to land), featuring a diverse array of vegetarian staples, fresh seafood, and skillfully prepared meat dishes. Embracing the Tamil belief that food influences personality, mood, and mind, the Nadu team strives to infuse their menus with this philosophy.

Drawing inspiration from both Sri Lankan and Tamil Nadu culinary traditions, Nadu's offerings reflect deep historical and mythological ties to the region. Head chef Saravanan Nambirajan, with his background in Michelin-starred kitchens worldwide, infuses each dish with his expertise, knowledge, and creativity.

Trust us, you won’t want to walk on past Nadu at Feast On!





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