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Caper & Cure

Innovative & Adventurous Dishes

Caper and Cure stands proudly as an independent eatery and bar nestled on the corner of Stokes Croft and Montpelier in Bristol. Committed to curating delectable dishes from their ever-evolving menu, they prioritise sourcing the finest local and organic ingredients available.

Recognised for their culinary excellence, Caper & Cure earned a coveted spot in The Good Food Guide as one of Britain's 100 Best Local Restaurants in 2023.

1. an amusing escapade
2. a preserved flower bud often salted and pickled

1. to heal and successfully treat
2. the process of salting and preserving meat, fish, or vegetables

With their reputation for innovation and excellence preceding them, we eagerly anticipate the culinary delights that Caper & Cure will bring to Feast On!





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