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Korean Cuisine at it's best!

Bokman, a trendy Korean eatery in Bristol, boasts eye-catching red and white branding and offers creative dishes at great prices. Their signature dish, Tongdak, is a must-try: rice-stuffed, rotisserie-smoked chicken.

The braised beef short rib is also a customer favourite, always staying on the menu by popular demand. For those seeking plant-based options, there are plenty! Bokman's street food-style menu features delights like pork and kimchi buns, piping hot stuffed tempura chilis, and savoury beef with marinated quail's egg. Specials include unique offerings like fresh mackerel braised in three-month-old kimchi and loaded tteokpokki, a Korean-style fondue with spicy sauce and various dipping ingredients.

And if that wasn’t enough, Bokman prides itself on fermenting and pickling, offering Turkish black fig or nectarine and mango kombucha, kimchi, pickled garlic, and a variety of soy sauces seasoned with an array of ingredients.

We can't wait to see what special delights Bokman will conjure up for Feast On!





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